Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Homemade Bento

So here's a little shot of a homemade lunchbox using the brand spanking new bento the DDA bought for the Finn. It's a lovely lovely lunchbox with three layers of containers enclosed within a thermal outer case with a nice snap clasp lid. The bottom tier is a soup container, the middle tier for rice, and the top tier comes with a divider for dishes.

Thanks to all the DDA's friends and family for sourcing price, purchasing, and delivering the bento boxes to her hands!!!

Wonky Amateur Quilting

The quilting project was completed last weekend when the DDA finished the sides. Sewing down the three layers wasn't that easy job in turned out. It took much longer than expected and much stitch adjustments went into the work too, not to mention the many wonky sewing!

Nevertheless the DDA completed the quilt and feels rather pleased if not 100% satisfied. It was a first, and it gives such pleasure to create such a big project from scratch. She'll most probably make other attempts at making more quilts in the future.

Here are some snaps of the completed quilt that will be presented to her friend as a belated birthday and thank you gift.

The DDA really appreciate all the help given by Silvana and Eduardo from Beyond Fabrics in choosing fabrics to formulating a strategy to putting the quilt together. Not to mention the valuable tips they've shared with her on the type of thread, to the stitch and the finishing!

Have to say the DDA started out with an ignorant attitude, thinking that she could take on such a large project with so little knowledge. After this exercise, she's definitely taking a different approach the next time! More planning and even more patience to match!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amateur Quilting Project Underway

The quilting project has since commenced with much vigour and enthusiasm.

Yesterday, the DDA went along to Beyond Fabrics to gather some more supplies. She was given some pointers on how to improve her amateur quilting efforts. Thanks so much to all the help from both Silvana and Eduardo!

Below is where she is with her project so far. There's the backing to be done before the wadding can be sewn together.

The DDA realise that quilt work requires certain amount of good planning and massive amounts of patience!

She's having fun :)

Patched Cushion Cover

The DDA had a commission from the Finn - to make a birthday cushion cover for a friend. So she dug up some fabric material from a bag of giveaway materials from friends and whipped up a very quick and dirty amateur cushion cover in less than 2 days!

The only thing that is left hanging in the air and in need of answer is if the cushion cover will withstand a good washing in a washing machine... the DDA's guess is that of a negative answer.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Craft Project

The DDA went shopping for fabric today for a new craft project. She's really pleased with her find at this little craft supplies shop called Beyond Fabrics.

This little shop is stocked with many fabulous items! The moment you step in, you will be inspired with many many projects you'd want to embark on. Not only do they stock crafting materials, they also sell finished hand made products from their workshop. The owners Eduardo and Silvana are both most helpful with their suggestions too.

The DDA came out of their shop smiling from ear to ear. She'll now need to start with treating the fabric purchased before embarking on the composition and production!

Can't wait!!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

100 Creative Items VI

After creating Pötkö with its dreamy smile, the DDA had to create a girlfriend for it, and its name is Pätkä.

These stuffed soft toys were created within less than 3 hours each. Their shapes and looks were inspired by the left over fabric that gave life to them!

The Finn gave names to them as they took shape. Pötkö and Pätkä, and so the DDA gave them their Chinese names too so they correspond as such = Pötkö "一枝" and Pätkä "一段".

The DDA just can't help but want to share these as they mark the rounding up of 100 creative items for 2009! Not sure if she did achieve 100, but hey, she enjoyed every single one of them.

These fun loving creature creation was inspired by a project the DDA found online whilst surfing Julochka's blog. Here are links to strings the DDA found, and she's very thankful to these ladies for the inspiration.
1) Julochka
2) Tollipop
3) Molly

And to round it up, the DDA presents the photo album that captures all the creations for 2009.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

100 Creative Items V

Up to this point, the DDA is thinking that she'll just cheat and count each and every cupcake and cookie she's made for the year (not by batch as one item, but by piece) to get the total number of creative items made in 2009!

2009 has been a very challenging year to start. Yet it is filled with bursts of creative madness. There was the fun and exciting summer holiday with the parents, no doubt tiring but it was worth all the time spent.

The DDA is very thankful for all the lucky stars and angels that watch over her and her family!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Joulu 2009

After a whole week of holiday, the Finn and the DDA are only finding it a slower pace today. They are really feeling the holiday now, taking things EASY. 4 days to go and it will be a brand new year!

100 Creative Items IV

In the elenventh hour, the DDA works up a storm... still thinking she can achieve 100 items...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

100 Creative Items III

Home crafted from November up till last week. The DDA is working on more Christmas decoration too!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

100 Creative Items II

Haven't posted much in a long long long long while... but the DDA has been rather busy, keeping up with creative things! Whether she can achieve number 100... that's a challenge as the year winds down in about 62 days...

Below are a few the DDA has created in the past couple of weeks.

There is a larger pool of items posted in an album.

The DDA wonders if she can create 62 items in the remainder 62 days?

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